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Best Luxury Real Estate In Port Aransas at Palmilla Beach Resort

Dream House, Dream Location: Best Luxury Real Estate In Port Aransas

Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community offers the BEST luxury real estate in Port Aransas, Texas. Period. If you are going to all the trouble of building your own beach house, why wouldn’t you want it in the best place possible?

The place with the most fun, the longest beach front, an award winning chef/restaurants, a True Links golf course, concierge VIP beach service, and the most beautiful grounds on the Texas Gulf coast…. not to mention the stunning architecture and world class amenities of the Palmilla Beach Resort.

Here at Palmilla Beach, we do beach best. And, we can prove it!

Our beach truly is the longest community beachfront in Port Aransas, and we are the only spot with air-conditioned bathrooms right on the beach.

Need we say more?  

Don’t forget the chef-prepared meals delivered to your personal lounge and umbrella set up, and the fulltime attendant who is there to help. Yes, that is how life at the beach should be and Palmilla is the only place that offers true concierge service right by the waves.

The amenities at Palmilla are unrivaled and include the gorgeous tropical main pool, the Great Lawn, a rolling expanse of jewel green peppered with chairs, and refreshment spots, plus room for private events, and three different dining options to suit your mood. From Chef Gail Huesmann’s famous fare at The Black Marlin to the Agave Cantina’s lighter lunch options and full bar poolside, to REDS, our newest dining experience.

REDS sits on the Grand Lawn a stone’s throw from The Black Marlin and beside the Golf Shop. An unparalleled casual outdoor eatery with a dedicated food trailer serving up the most luscious bayou fries, poutine, burgers, and bay breeze calamari just to name a few of the delectable treats available.

Snuggle up in our comfy chairs, kick off your shoes, and listen to authentic red dirt music, Texas’s own fusion of country, blue grass, folk, and rock. With regular live concerts, unpretentious ambiance, coastal breezes and amazing food, no wonder REDS is the hottest spot on the coast and the secret is out.

Now one of the most special things at Palmilla Beach is our True Links golf course, a truly unique feature, one of only a handful in the country and the only one in all of Texas. Links courses were the original surface and style of golf back in Scotland and are fast games on natural plains with sandy native grasses, coastal breezes, and oceanside geography. No two games are ever the same on a links course and discerning golfers prefer the play on its dunes and its shorter game time.

Palmilla Beach has 9-holes of regular play plus a 3-link short course called The Loop. We are serious about our golf but relaxed about dress code.

And no stuffy membership required!

Please note, once you see our pristine greens and gulf views you may be ruined for any other course, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Palmilla Beach is so much more than the premiere luxury planned community on the gulf coast and now you can see why. Yes, our amazing architecture and groomed community are visually opulent but there is so much more to Palmilla. With activities, events, and venues for every age and interest, a dedicated guest services staff, event coordinators, unspoiled dunes, a resort swimming pool, fabulous food, an incredible beach experience, plus a True Links golf course, it is easy to see just why Palmilla is the best option for beachgoers who are building their own piece of heaven in this coastal paradise.

So, build where beach is done best because like we stated earlier, Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community offers the BEST luxury real estate in Port Aransas, Texas!

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