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Welcome to Palmilla Beach. Located among the longest stretch of shoreline in historic Port Aransas, Texas, Palmilla Beach is a meticulously planned community of gorgeous homes, charming streetscapes, sparkling pools, fine dining, top-rated golf and exceptional service.

Fairways Village and Waters Edge Village

Palmilla Beach’s original village, The Fairways, fronts on the beach and surrounds the golf course. Extending south along the shoreline is Waters Edge, Palmilla’s new luxury village where coastal landscape and waterways weave with timeless architecture to create the most enchanting village on the island.

Luxury Homes Collection or Design Your Own

Choose a home from Palmilla’s Luxury Collection or design/build your own. Palmilla has curated a shortlist of expert home builders with exceptional reputations. Whichever approach you choose, your family will love making lifetime, family-time, beach-time memories.

Backed By The Best

Palmilla Beach is backed by legendary businessman Red McCombs. Red fell in love with Mustang Island’s natural beauty and set out to create and enchanting village where Texan families could gather, celebrate new traditions, and create memories for generations to come. With land planning from Schnell Urban Design and DTJ Design, Red created a family paradise because, in Reds words, “It’s time spent together that matters most.”


A New Type Of Beach Community

Palmilla Beach’s meticulously planned streetscapes, pools and parks invite connectivity and friendly interaction. This luxury community weaves between dunes, greenspaces and the longest stretch of Port Aransas beachfront.


Benefits of Home

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