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Palmilla Beach Resort And Golf Community - Bradley Putting Green

Palmilla Beach Golf Course featured in OTL October / November 2019 Issue

  • October 14, 2019

“If you’re looking to enjoy a coastal getaway, don’t look past the luxury offerings in Port A’s most refined address, Palmilla Beach.” –  Marc Hall, On The Links Magazine

We are pleased to share the latest article about Palmilla Beach Resort and Golf Community from the October/November 2019 issue of OTL Magazine!

OTL Magazine covers golf, travel, leisure, luxury, wine/spirits and lifestyle. Writer Marc Hall opens the piece and sets a relaxed tone by explaining that Port Aransas is an everyman’s paradise, especially after a post-Hurricane Harvey rebuild of the area.

OTL Magazine Oct Nov 2019Hall, moving on to the subject of luxury, expounds upon the premise that getaway options are bountiful in Port Aransas, explaining “…connoisseurs of luxury lifestyle vacation properties and amenities are finding more premium vacation options than ever in Port Aransas and Mustang Island. Nowhere is that more evident than inside the Palmilla Beach Resort and Golf Community.”

He goes on, “Built on the “new urbanism” concept in which all the conveniences of your own high-end small town exist within the cobblestoned confines of the community and the homes exude a posh, pleasing aesthetic, Palmilla Beach is raising the standard in luxury real estate and lifestyle of Texas’ Gulf Coast.”

Being the only links-style golf course in Texas, Palmilla Beach takes pride in providing a fun, unique and challenging experience to casual family golfers and PGA pros alike on the South Texas coast. Palmilla Beach Golf Director, Bradley Boyd, said, “We want this course to be accessible and inclusive of everyone. Juniors, women, bachelor parties, corporate groups and even beginners who just want to try something new on their beach vacation.” And the fleet of GolfBoards take the fun level up a notch for those wanting to surf the turf.

With Palmilla Beach’s luxury amenities, award-winning restaurants and the only links-style golf course in Texas, they are also the perfect location for golf tournaments, fundraisers, business meetings and special gatherings.  And for a limited time, ask about discounted pricing for tournaments and events when your event falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday through the Autumn season.

Click here to book your tournament or event at Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community.

Please click here to read the full article in OTL Magazine online.

Palmilla Beach Is All The Best Of Port A In One Big Uncompromising Package

  • July 30, 2019

PORT ARANSAS (The Texas Golf Insider) – Palmilla Beach Golf has made waves again. The piece by Steve Habel, Contributing Writer for The Texas Golf Insider, describes Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Club as “an award-winning, upscale coastal destination and fledgling community set on the dunes at this popular Texas Gulf Coast vacation mecca…”. You may read the whole piece below by clicking the pictures:

Golfweek Ranks Palmilla Beach Among the Nation’s Top 1%

  • June 25, 2019

Golfweek recently ranked Palmilla Beach Golf in Port Aransas, TX among the nation’s top golf courses.

In the following article, “Golfweek’s Best 2019: Best Courses You Can Play,” the magazine lists the top U.S. golf courses state by state. With well over 900 courses in Texas, the newly designed golf course at Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Club was ranked #14, placing Palmilla Beach Golf in the top 1%  in both Texas and the entire nation.

With over 850 evaluators, Golfweek’s elite team of course raters survey more than 3,600 courses, grading each nominated course on the basis of Golfweek’s 10 strict standards of evaluation. Collectively, these knowledgeable raters have turned in more than 75,000 votes to compile “Golfweek’s Best” courses list, featured in the magazine’s “Ultimate Guide” and “Best Courses You Can Play.”

Red McCombs, developer of Palmilla Beach Resort and Golf Community, attributes the high ranking to the original Arnold Palmer design, coupled with new improvements to broaden the game’s appeal to today’s and future golfers of all ages and skill levels.

“Hurricane Harvey may have thumped us, but we used that opportunity to rebuild better than before,” said McCombs, adding that Palmilla Beach Golf is Texas’s only true links-style course and features the state’s only golf holes lying directly on the Gulf of Mexico.

Golfweek ranks Palmilla Golf Course in top 1% of Best U.S. Courses 2019

Source: Golfweek June, 2019

Come join our wonderful beach-side community! To find your new home at Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Community, please visit our real estate page  You can also call our sales office at (361) 693-5729 or fill out the following form on our Contact Us page

Greg Carr With Palmilla Beach Resort And Golf Club Interview On Fox 7 Austin

FOX 7 Interview with Greg Carr of Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Club

  • June 14, 2019

AUSTIN (Fox 7) – Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Club’s Asset Manager, Greg Carr was interviewed on Fox 7 Austin about rebuilding the Palmilla Beach golf course after a natural disaster and the resulting impact on the community.

Palmilla Beach Golf is back in full swing

Host: We’re talking a little bit about golf already on the show this morning with the first round of the U.S. Open coming up. We’re also talking about a unique golf and vacation opportunity that you have down in the Port Aransas area.

We’ve got Jeff Hentz with the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce and Greg Carr from Palmilla Beach Resort & Golf Club.

Gregg, tell us about the new development and projects happening.

Greg Carr: Absolutely. We’re probably the fastest growing development in Port Aransas right now.  We have 45 rental properties that consist of cottages, condos, townhomes and single-family homes.

We have about 38 homes that are under construction right now with another 24 to start before the end of the year (2019).

Rebuilding After Hurricane Harvey

Host: The Palmilla Beach golf course has been around for more than a decade and was almost destroyed during Hurricane Harvey. You brought it back and you’re trying to bring the community around it.

Jeff Hentz: It was, before Harvey, one of the most popular things to do and experience in town. Having it back is just huge. It’s that extra wind in our sail that we needed and what it is today is even more exciting!

We’ve got families coming into our visitor centers telling us, “Now we can all go play as a family and not take eight hours, but we can take a great break for three hours and go out to Palmilla and enjoy the new golf course!”

It’s like a brand new attraction for Port A.

Current state of the golf industry in Port Aransas

Host: There’s a whole bunch of new amenities down there, and as far as the golf, the setup is a little different now.

Carr: Yes, it is. After the hurricane, we needed to look and see what the industry was doing before we decided how we were going to rebuild it.

The market is primarily families and tourists. I need those folks just as much as I need the avid golfers down at the Palmilla Beach Golf course. To get more rounds, we decided to become more family-friendly. We felt the need to bring more novices and beginners back to the game because the industry’s been declining for about 15 years now.

Host: Sometimes, for a whole lot of reasons, golf is a hard game to get-in-the-door and fall in love with.

Carr: It really is. We’ve also built a three-hole short course we call “The Loop”. It’s got some short holes between 85-105 yards and you can go around it quickly. We rebuilt the most picturesque nine holes that surrounded Palmilla Beach Resort, three of which have wonderful views of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a par 32 course, a little over 2,700 yards and the feedback from both avid golfers and casual players is that we’ve “hit a homerun”.

Watch the whole interview segment below:

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