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The Family That Golfs Together…

So you want to golf? Have you been intimidated by those fancy clubs that demand half your day and have a greens fee somewhere between a mortgage payment and college tuition? Want to bring your family? Not very good? Well, there is a golf destination just for you and it happens to be ranked in the top one percent of all golf courses in the country. Aren’t you lucky?

Palmilla Beach Golf is a world class facility originally designed by Arnold Palmer as a seaside links masterpiece. For you neophytes, “links” means in the Scottish tradition of coastal sand dunes and rolling park land, which allows the ball to run farther. Which is a good thing in golf. And Palmilla is the ONLY links style course in Texas.

No clubs? No worries. We’ve got you covered. More importantly, we have 9 holes instead of 18! This means you don’t have to spend half your day away from your family. You can play the Palmilla course in under two hours and then get to the beach and build sandcastles with your kids.

We even have a 3-hole Par three “short course” affectionately called The Loop.

The Loop is mostly flat, all fairways and greens, so it’s perfect for beginners and kids. Just play The Loop. Just play 9 holes. Or play the 9 and The LOOP. (We nick-named that the 12-pack.) Or play the 9 holes twice for 18! For fanatics, play the nine-hole twice and then The Loop. We call that our 21-pack. No, we don’t have a 24-pack. That is for later once you are done, smarty-pants.

And as if that isn’t enough, we have golf boards. SSHHH, don’t tell. Golf boards are like skate-boards-meet-surf-boards so you can float along the course like Laird-Hamilton-meets-Tony-Hawk and you don’t need to wear a helmet. No bad hair and you can cruise along up to fourteen miles an hour. Though if driving a cart is your thing, we still have golf carts too. And our carts are fully equipped with blue-tooth stereo, USB ports, and have two coolers, so pull right on up to REDS Patio Bar (19th hole!), load up on your beverages of choice and then play your heart out while you hydrate.

Doesn’t that sound refreshing? Another awesome thing about Palmilla Beach Golf is the PASPALUM. Paspa-what? It’s our super soft grass and the spongiest surface this side of Mars. Go ahead, take your shoes off and scrunch your toes into it. Not only is it fun, but the ball sits higher on it so it’s easier to hit, which makes you look good even if you suck at golf. Palmilla also boasts a full putting green, and a driving range with 5 target greens.

But if that isn’t enough to transform you into Tiger Woods, we have a Bradley. Every course wishes they had a Bradley Boyd, but only Palmilla does. Our golf guru is a former mini-tour pro who has played alongside PGA greats. Best of all, you can book Bradley for 1:1 lesson or a group session with the whole family. Everyone is welcome at Palmilla Beach Golf. So bring the family out. We’ll make you feel like a member of a private golf club without the private fees or lime green golf pants. In fact, we have no dress code but please don’t come naked. It scares the gophers. So, what are you waiting fore? (Get it?) Get out there and surf the turf!

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