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Queen of Beach Chic article featured image proudly displaying a beautiful beach inspired kitchen at Palmilla Beach Resort in Port Aransas Texas

The Queen Of Beach Chic

Judy Smith is the Queen of Beach Chic.

She has decorated and staged many Palmilla Beach properties and raves about the clean lines and architectural openness of Palmilla Beach architecture. The elegant, neoclassic lines create a clean palate for decorating interiors and the abundance of natural light makes the outdoor scenery the star of the show, whether it’s a large custom Palmilla home or the smaller elegant Duets.

The number one piece of advice that Judy gives homeowners who are tackling beach interiors, is to do what makes them happy but differs from their home in the city. When you are at the beach you want an escape, not your usual comfort zone. At your primary home you probably wouldn’t want a turquoise and orange dolphin patterned armchair, but it works at the beach. If your city home is very colorful, then you may want to explore calming neutrals and white slip-covered furniture. This is your chance to be playful and original, with an eye to your personal comfort above all else.

Judy owns multiple décor shops (My Coastal Home) on the coast and a 12,000 square foot warehouse full of artful high demand items for second homes on the Texas coastline. They can decorate for you, even providing instant gratification by doing your entire home within 48 hours, or you can browse and shop their stores to your heart’s content, furnishing as you go. Judy maintains a large stock of inventory so property owners can get everything they need from dishes to furniture at her local emporiums and she stresses that though they do have high end supply, decorating your beach house does not have to be expensive. Fun-loving style comes in all price ranges and they can work within any budget to create your custom beach chic style.

Coastal décor has come a long way from shells, anchors, and oars, lending itself to a certain glamor in keeping with the homes of Palmilla Beach. From textural walls of colored shiplap, to porcelain tile floors that look like faded beach wood, mixed metal light fixtures, and calm blue bedrooms with bling, your beach house can be rustic, retro, or glamorous, all with a maritime inspiration. Most homes at Palmilla feature bunk rooms with multiple sets of built-in beds and/or sleeper sofas for kids and grandkids. The whole room is a big beach party geared towards younger people with comfy fun furniture, smaller tables, relaxation or gaming areas, and happy pops of color everywhere. It’s all about being together and making memories so the more family and friends that can fit the merrier.

Judy uses the beauty of Port Aransas in her interiors, with stunning views becoming artwork and beach chic photography that plays on the nautical themes of the Texas coast. The sheer abundance of fish and bird species in the geography mean that these motifs appear in upholstery patterns, wallpaper, ceramics, and décor items everywhere.

According to Judy, wallpaper is back in a big way, as are sparkle shells, mixed metals, and glassware, which add a contemporary feel. One element Judy includes in all her homes are the colorful swivel chairs she features at her shops. In addition to being economical, they glide, spin and swivel, are low maintenance, and provide those fabulous pops of fun color so important in beach chic décor.

New materials and innovations are about comfort and relaxation meeting low maintenance. Judy stresses the importance of sturdy, practical outdoor furniture that withstands humidity, water, and the wind of the coastal climate without buckling. Outdoor pieces made from aluminum, recycled plastic, and stainless metals which she sells at her shops are perfect for their resilience.

From colorful Adirondack chairs to beach umbrellas, lounges, tables, and outdoor hide rugs, your interior style should flow effortlessly to your exterior spaces. Some of the ways Judy conceptualizes the ocean lifestyle is by using lots of natural materials like jute, wicker, shells, and even giant pieces of driftwood for table bases, etc. Seafoam greens, watery blues, creamy whites and surprising reds can all find a place in your custom home by the sea. Judy can incorporate porthole mirrors, woven fibers on lamps, ropes, and other repurposed nautical objects to make your getaway space unique to you.

With people spending more time in their second homes than ever before, now is the time to create your own private retreat is as fresh, fun, and invigorating as you are.

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