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Talking Food & Beverage with Carl Dittmaier

It has been and continues to be, our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.  – Conrad Hilton

Devotion to service and creating the most memorable experience for guests is Carl Dittmaier’s focus 100% of the time. We want to extend a huge Palmilla welcome to Carl Dittmaier, our new Food & Beverage Director, who cut his teeth at Walt Disney and Hilton, before running and developing upscale food and beverage at casino resorts in Vegas as well as a gaming hall and horse racing track in Kentucky. We are glad he has landed in Texas and want to share Carl’s latest innovations.

Carl has instituted is a reservation system on Open Table, so now you can book a table at The Black Marlin and not worry about waiting in line! Further, all the outdoor tables at REDS will be serving food from The Black Marlin’s expanded menu which now features Philly cheese steak at lunch, and at dinner, a grilled grouper entree, a capresi salad, an 1855 Angus steak, bigger shrimp, and preset tables, cloth napkins, cutlery, and individual table lights at dinner. These changes reflect the resort’s commitment to delivering the best quality products available including an upgraded wine list!

Check Out Our New Wines!

Skipjacks is the latest food and drink offering at the new Oasis pool which has a two-sided bar with swim up access on the pool side. At Skipjacks you can order loaded pretzel bites, and Poke Molé, which is tuna poke on a bed of guacamole, as well as your usual pool favorites.

Another important innovation is that all to-go products are now pant-based plastics, not petroleum products. The Port Aransas mantra, “Respect Our Island Home,” is taken seriously at Palmilla where even the straws and utensils are environmentally friendly! From bamboo to palm leaves, to corn starch and agave sugar, everything is biodegradable!

Book your seat at The Black Marlin up to one year in advance on Open Table!

Carl’s favorite thing about running food and beverage across the country for almost 30 years, is opening new venues, and implementing the best service and products available so that guest service is exceptional without exception! One of Carl’s favorite Walt Disney philosophies is, if you take care of your team members, they will take care of the guests, and the revenue will take care of itself! He’s excited that there is a great team at Palmilla, unlimited growth potential, and that, “Management is interested in doing things the right way, not the least expensive way.”

Carl is thrilled to be at Palmilla Beach because it is growing rapidly and is hands-down the absolute best community on the Gulf Coast. Carl can’t wait to make exceptional memories for homeowners and guests, so come on down and enjoy service in style at Palmilla Beach!

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