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Ice cream scooping your way through Port Aransas Texas cute girl with beach water and sky in the background holding a drumstick ice cream treat

Scooping Your Way Through Port A

Summer is here and sometimes the heat can only be beat by a frozen concoction of sweetness, whether it’s ice cream, gelato, shaved ice, or even frozen coffee. Many Port A restaurants serve dessert and even ice cream, but below is your guide to the dedicated parlors that specialize in icy confections, so go ahead, take notes, and scoop your way through Port A today!

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Brons Shaved Ice and To Go Bar in Port Aransas, Texas also sells slushies and non-alcoholic frozen drinksBRON’S SHAVED ICE AND TO GO BAR

314 Avenue G, Port Aransas, TX 78373 | (361) 749-0649

Located at Bron’s Beach Carts, this place has snow cones, slushies, and non-alcoholic frozen drinks, plus their icy treats are named to appeal to kids of all ages, like the Frog in the Blender, the Pretty Princess, or the Bubble Gum Blast. Just try denying your kids one of those! Bron’s specializes in “… island-inspired shaved ribbons of soft fluffy shaved ice, generously showered with more than 33 gourmet flavors.” Enjoy their Tikki hut patio seating sipping a frozen margarita, daiquiri or pina colada, (or wine & beer) while your kids savor the non-alcoholic frozen beverages and snow cones.

Coffee Waves Port Aransas shop sells different flavors of delicious gelatoCOFFEE WAVES PORT A

1007 TX #361, Port Aransas TX 78373 | (361) 749-0825

This huggably cute little shop located in the Shops at Port A serves up 18 flavors of the creamiest homemade gelato around, but also sells frozen drinks, espresso, and iced coffee beverages galore. The mango smoothie and the chai frap come highly recommended! They have a selection of sugar-free gelatos too, so sit in, drive-thru, or try take-out. And if you are hungry, they also have savory food like paninis and bagels too, but we are all about the sweet stuff! While there, take your pic against their cool wall mural and share it on social media with the hashtag #coffeewavesporta.

Island Scoop mural displays an ice cream cone with sandals and palm trees in Port Aransas, TexasISLAND SCOOP

407 S. Alister, Port Aransas TX 78373 | (361) 749-2444

This is a luscious pink palace of sweetness in the Island Ink tattoo shop. They have shakes, sundaes, fruit cups, sodas and, of course, ICE CREAM on waffles, in cones, or a cup, with toppings, or smothered in whip cream. They serve only Blue Bell ice cream, so if that’s your brand, you’re in luck here!

African American girl tasting a chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream dessert from Dairy QueenDAIRY QUEEN

307 W. Cotter Avenue, Port Aransas, TX 78373 | (361) 749-3339

The original Grand Dame of ice cream parlors, the Port A Dairy Queen has all the old favorites like the Blizzard Shake, the chocolate Dilly Bar, malts and floats, and the infamous Peanut Buster Parfait. You can also build your own Blizzard cake with Oreo cookies, Reese’s peanut butter cups, chocolate chip cookie dough and their choco brownie extreme! Of course, you can get burgers and fries too, but why would you? It’s summertime, and that’s the only excuse you need to eat sweet.

The Port Aransas Creamery also serves cupcakes with pink frosting and oreos on topTHE PORT A CREAMERY

210 N Alister, Suite 4, Port Aransas, TX 78373 | (361) 446-2383

This ice cream shop looks like a traditional cup or cone place, but in addition to featuring more than 25 different flavors, 18 toppings, and 1,2 or 3 scoops options they have some signature treats like the “waffel sanwich,” a scoop of ice cream in between two warm waffles or the Elvis Tribute with two scoops each of chocolate and peanut butter ice cream along with sliced bananas drizzled in caramel sauce on a warm waffle. They also serve shakes, sundaes, organic bean coffees, and floats. Give the cheesecake sundae or the cookie mountain shake a try and elevate your taste buds.

Desserted Island Ice Cream shop stands tall and pink in Port Aransas, TexasDESSERTED ISLAND ICE CREAM

100 E. White Avenue, Port Aransas, TX 78373 | (361) 332-9300

This colorful, quirky island eatery doles out unique flavors and cold creations not found anywhere else, like the key lime pie sundae and the jalapeno peanut butter milk shake. In addition, they have pies, coffees, Chamoy mangonadas, smoothies, splits (as in banana), cake, waffle or sugar cones and a myriad of toppings. Indulge your sweet tooth, but remember this establishment is cash only (luckily they have an ATM on the premises!)!

Tropical Sno of Port Aransas serving Hawaiian style shaved ice treatsTROPICAL SNO OF PORT A

501 S. Alister Street, Port Aransas, TX 78373 | (361) 215-4129

Grab a Hawaiian style shaved ice at this adorable drive-thru hut and savor the sweet and silky texture of crushed ice and hand-crafted flavored syrups. Celebrating their 10th year in business, they serve traditional Hawaiian ice treats in 3 cup sizes, with dozens of flavor options (36!), thousands of potential combinations and even toppings like Nerds or lime salt. You can add Hawaiian style ice cream (soft and fluffy), or vanilla cream on top and don’t miss their Chongo Raspados with Chamoy and Chili, the infamous Piccadilly, or the Peach Cocanilla. From Tiger’s Blood to Sea Breeze, they have so many flavors you may melt while trying to choose!

Port Aransas restaurant served a cup with blue and purple candy and whipped creamSWIFT CAFE AND CREAMERY

2015 East Avenue G, Port Aransas, TX 78373 | (361) 416-0038

With a gigantic cold Brew menu, (hint; try the mint mojito) you can get your java fix here in many different ways, but you can also add CBD-infused honey as a sweetener! They offer alternative milks and sugar substitutes, but the show stopper, is their “twisted Ice” hand-rolled ice cream. Dine in or take out, but don’t miss this little gem! It’s right behind the golf cart rental sign!

Port Aransas snow cone with multiple colors and flavors poured on it to make a rainbowSHAVED ICE CO.

315 Cut Off Rd. Lot #2, Port Aransas, TX 78373 | (361) 749-6128

Another sweet little shack painted with delectable pink and purple confections plus sea creatures! This place is located in the Tropical Island Resort RV Park, right by the pool. They have Blue Bell ice cream and lots of sno cone flavors… add the snowball to yours for an unforgettable experience! Take out only.

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