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Taylor Mades construction front elevation of a custom home the company built at Palmilla Beach Resort and Golf Community in Port Aransas, Texas


When asked why clients should choose Taylor Mades Custom Home Builders for their vacation house at Palmilla Beach, Chuck Wilson, owner, tell us, “Well, me and my kids are swimming right beside you in the pool, since we bought and built here too. We’re not going anywhere, and our clients are more than just customers, they become our friends and neighbors.” Chuck and his family fell in love with Palmilla Beach and decided to build their own beach house there because they love the resort amenities, the golf course, and the high standards of building codes that Palmilla homes must meet.

Chuck has been building custom homes his whole life and, in fact, his father was also a custom builder, and the family legacy continues with his middle child, Taylor, working there now. Both the company and the middle son were named by Chuck, (who was supposed to pick the name of their soon-to-be-born child if it was a boy, but he was sure it was a girl and so had nothing ready.) He admits his love for Taylormade golf clubs may have had something to do with his quick naming decision.

Chuck and Taylor Mades have years of building experience in everything from high-end commercial retail to restaurants and hotels throughout the world, including one of Chuck’s favorite jobs, the Abercrombie and Fitch flagship store in Germany. Chuck built their stores in Paris, London, and Ireland as well, but the German one was an historically designated building that was unique and challenging.

Having built all over the world, Chuck has construction experience in many geographic conditions and circumstances, and this serves him well in the construction business in Port Aransas, a heavy-salt content environment. This expertise allows Chuck to provide advice on finishes and exterior fixtures that will last or prepare you for routine maintenance and replacement costs. When you finish building with Taylor Mades, you receive not only a 3-ring binder with all your warranty information and home appliance details, but a USB drive that details all the finishes, paint colors, manufacturers, and the contractors that worked on your home.

Chuck’s team includes between 40-50 in-house experts like cabinet builders, window specialists, painters, plus architects and designers too, all of which enables him to offer turnkey service for exacting clients with high expectations. You can choose from pre-sourced packages or select all your own finishes, whichever suits you best. Because Taylor Mades have built around the globe, there are a lot of supervisors on staff committed to building with the highest quality of standards and care. It also means that Chuck and his team have an excellent communication process, honed through years of communicating with clients while building remotely.

According to Chuck, the most important thing for anyone seeking to build a custom home in Port A is to find a builder that understands your particular expectations; your required use of the space, your vision, and your budget, and then exceeds those expectations. Taylor Mades Construction has excellent relationships with the external trades they do work with and a ton of experience in residential building in multitude of geographies, so they can customize just about anything. Chuck recalls including family heirlooms into designs, historic pharmacy fixtures, and once incorporating a piece from an old barbershop into a home! Whatever the challenge, Chuck and his team are up for it and love to make their clients happy.

Chuck divides his time between the company offices in Livingston TX, and in Port Aransas. “I married the first girl I ever kissed, in 5th grade,” he says, and he and his childhood sweetheart and their kids intend to be at Palmilla for a long time, both enjoying their home and building beautiful homes for clients.

So, don’t be a stranger and be sure to say hello at the pool!

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