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The Inspiration for Waters Edge featuring the wooden dunes crossover bridge leading to the beach in Port Aransas



We spoke with Harry Adams, President of McCombs Properties, to learn more about the inspiration behind this new beach village and how it fits with Red’s vision. Adams opened the conversation by recounting a ‘discovery’ trip years ago to Florida’s Emerald Coast. The purpose of the trip was to visit some of the seaside villages along 30A and identify what people loved in those communities (along with what they didn’t). They quickly saw that they could improve on the development along 30A and add a Texas twist. The Florida coastline is beautiful but the crowding and heavy volume of these communities didn’t lend itself to  relaxation. The team quickly noted that the density and angularity of those planned communities could be improved upon by open corridors, long range views, wide vistas, parks, and wetlands. The design at Palmilla Beach was born of this knowledge and intuitive understanding of the American psyche, family vacation goals, and the raw beauty of the Texas Coast.

The vision and inspiration for Waters Edge starts with legendary businessman Red McCombs. Red spent some growing-up years living in Aransas Pass. He fell in love with the Coastal Bend’s natural beauty and has long believed that Texas’ beautiful coastline is the most under-appreciated in the country. Red set out to change that by shining a light on the stunning beauty of the Texas Gulf Coast and creating spaces where Texan families could gather, celebrate new traditions, and create memories for generations to come.

Palmilla’s long term development plan had always included creating distinct villages, each with a unique environment and personality. So when it came to planning the next luxury village, Adams told us, “I recognized there was an opportunity to embrace the natural features of the coastal landscape here on Mustang Island.” The name Waters Edge is inspired by the land, lakes, and shoreline itself. Adams continued, “Its 165 acres are stunningly beautiful and covered by undulating hills, natural lakes, and grassy dunes. In fact, we planned the village based on the land’s natural contours and waterways.”

Adams recalled learning from the Florida trip and explained that open space was critical to relaxation. As such, “Waters Edge has the least home density and most open space of all current developments in Port Aransas. Every home site at Waters Edge has been situated to optimize water or green space views.”

Add in the fact that Waters Edge has adjoined lakes and waterways that will allow residents to kayak and canoe throughout the estuaries, and you have the most unique opportunities to enjoy the community from the water.

Adams wrapped our interview with his excitement about the new beach village “We are so excited about Waters Edge,” said Adams, “because with this new village we are truly bringing Mr. McCombs’ vision and inspiration for the Texas Coast to life. With its lakes, boathouse, trails, pools, shoreline and natural serenity, Texan families will be able to enjoy this paradise for generations to come.” We agree. There is truly nothing else like Waters Edge. This special enclave embodies the unique spirit of the American seashore and the very best of coastal living. Welcome to Waters Edge where the memories you make and the good times you have will be as unforgettable as this singular community itself.

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