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It is exciting… you are building the home of your dreams…the beach house that will be your family’s gathering spot to meet up, kick back, and make memory upon happy memory.

But designing a house  requires thousands of decisions and building at the beach requires specific environmental know-how. The process can be a little daunting! Fortunately, the team at Palmilla has you covered with a team of experts you can rely on.

Palmilla has curated a team of expert home builders that make up Palmilla’s Approved Builder Program. Every one of these luxury builders has been vetted for their reputation and work quality. They all have hands-on experience building in the specific coastal conditions of Mustang Island. And each have proven themselves with gorgeous custom builds in Palmilla and Port Aransas.

There are eight well-established companies in Palmilla’s Approved Builder Program including Keystone Company, led by Gregg, Zach and Jud Turicchi. Keystone has been building in Port Aransas for 25 years and understands that trade winds and salinity can be tough on a house. “To protect your exterior,” Jud says, “use a builder with local experience who understands what works best on the coast.” For example, Jud never recommends stainless cable railings on an exterior. “While they will work great inside,” explains Jud “on the outside they simply won’t hold up.”

Part of Palmilla’s vetting process ensures each of the builders in the program are personally involved with their clients. “We specially selected these builders because they are experienced enough to bring scale and efficiency but not so big that their owners do not have the time to be personally involved with every one of their clients.” says Tiffany Zuniga, Palmilla’s Sales Director. “In fact, some of the builders are so committed to their clients they only take on a small handful of projects at a time.”

Another advantage of partnering with an Approved Builder is that they already know Palmilla’s design, material, and quality codes. This often saves time and minimizes revisions.

Tod Arbogast of Arbogast Custom Homes recently won the top prize at the Austin Parade of Homes. Arbogast is also an Approved Builder and has built over 20 homes to date at Palmilla! He says his favorite thing about building on the property is, “that every day seems like a vacation when you are surrounded by the stunning natural beauty and resort amenities that this community offers”. There’s a man who loves his job! Tod’s advice is to ensure you partner with a builder who is committed to your location long-term and will be around for years to come.

What Tiffany appreciates about this special set of builders is trust. “Most of our homeowners,” she explains, “live in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and beyond. They need to be able to rely on their builders to do the right thing, communicate well, and always have their clients’ best interests in mind. In fact, I’d trust any one of them to build my home.”

Building your dream beach home is an exciting adventure. And with Palmilla’s Approved Builder Program you can virtually guarantee that the adventure will have a happy ending!

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